I began yoga at the ripe and spry age of 21. I would like to say I was self taught, because I was. I began as a Johnny G Spinning Instructor, certified through Johnny G and Mad Dogg Athletics. I later obtained my certification in Pilates and immediately began working at every Gold’s Gym in Miami. Through these experiences I discovered how good I was at teaching. I had a following and it grew just as my zest for teaching classes did.

At the age of 23, I was approached by Cookie Rosell, who would later be instrumental in my yoga teachings. She asked me to teach yoga classes at the college. I didn’t know a downward dog from a warrior three, but never one to want to disappoint, I agreed. I went home that day, visited Barnes and Noble, and bought about seven different books on yoga: the principles, the practice, the poses. By Monday at 5:30 pm I was (somewhat) ready to teach. I had a notepad next to my mat and I was going to do whatever it took to get through the hour. It was a success.
By age 28, I had opened my own yoga studio with my husband. Unfortunately, my husband and I are no longer partners, personally or professionally and our studio is no longer ours. I went off without him and partnered with one of my teachers and dear friends to open Four Feathers Yoga. My daughters, Abbi, Alyvia, Ava, and Audreigh are the inspiration and the driving force behind me.

Through life’s tumultuous journey, yoga has been my one constant. It has been something I can return to again and again and it’s something I am good at. When I roll out my mat, I am home. When I teach others to teach, I am in the space where time stops and speeds up all at once. When students reach out to me to tell me what my classes have meant to them or done for them, my heart swells. My hope is that through all of our own personal hells, my classes and my teachings have been someone else’s constant.